According to a zoning map, our whole street is HBX-1. The detailed description of the zones can be found on the [http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/CEDA/o/PlanningZoning/s/codes/index.htm city of oakland website] ([http://www2.oaklandnet.com/oakca/groups/ceda/documents/report/oak032032.pdf direct pdf link])

Allowed activites: ===

Permanent Residental
Residential Care occupying a One-Family Dwelling Residential Facility
Essential Service
Limited Child-Care
General Retail Sales
Consumer Service
Business, Communication, and Media Service
Broadcasting and Recording Service
Enclosed Nonresidential
Sidewalk Café
Drive-In Nonresidential
Residential Signs
Special Signs
Development Signs
Realty Signs
Civic Signs
Business Signs

=== Allowed activities, with limitations (see below for meanings): ===

Community Assembly (L1)
Recreational Assembly (L1)
Nonassembly Cultural (L2)
Administrative (L2)
Medical Service (L2)
Consultative and Financial Service (L2)
Administrative (L2)
Research Service (L2) (L4)
General Wholesale Sales (L2)
Custom Manufacturing (L2)
Light Manufacturing (L2) (L4)
General Food Sales (L3)
Full Service Restaurant (L3)
Limited Service Restaurant and Café (L3)
Building Material Sales (L5)
Taxi and Light Fleet-Based Service (L7)
Transport and Warehousing (L7)

*L1: Max 10,000 sq ft
*L2: Max 25,000 sq ft

Grocery Store: Max 25,000 sq ft

Restaurant: Max 3,000 sq ft

*L4: Must be completely indoors
*L5: Requires permit if the lot is over 25,000 sq ft

Warehouse: Max 25,000 sq ft

Outdoor storage: Requires permit if principle activity

Container storage, oil&gas storage, freight terminal, corporation yard, truck terminal, truck services as primary activities not allowed.

Things that require a permit: ===

Residential Care not occupying a One-Family Dwelling Residential Facility
Service-Enriched Permanent Housing
Transitional Housing
Emergency Shelter
Semi-Transient Residential
Community Education
Health Care
Special Health Care
Utility and Vehicular
Extensive Impact
Convenience Market
Alcoholic Beverage Sales
Mechanical or Electronic Games
Consumer Cleaning and Repair Service
Consumer Dry Cleaning Plant
Group Assembly
Personal Instruction and Improvement and Small Scale Entertainment
Animal Care
Plant Nursery
Crop and Animal Raising
Open Nonresidential
Drive-Through Nonresidential
Micro Telecommunications
Mini Telecommunications
Macro Telecommunications
Monopole Telecommunications

Prohibited: ===

Bed and Breakfast
Fast-Food Restaurant
Large-Scale Combined Retail and Grocery Sales
Check Cashier and Check Cashing
Transient Habitation
Automotive and other Light Vehicle Sales and Rental
Automobile and Other Light Vehicle Gas Station and Servicing
Automotive and Other Light Vehicle Repair and Cleaning
Automotive Fee Parking
Animal Boarding
Undertaking Service
Scrap Operation
General Manufacturing
Heavy Manufacturing
Small Scale Transfer and Storage Hazardous Waste Management
Industrial Transfer/Storage Hazardous Waste Management
Residuals Repositories Hazardous Waste Management
Mining and Quarrying Extractive
Mobile Home
Shopping Center
Tower Telecommunications
Advertising Signs


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