Zipper Pouch Kit Instructions

Thanks for your interest in our Zipper Pouch Kit! This kit will not only help you to develop your essential sewing skills, but all proceeds go directly to the Textiles department to replenish everyday sewing supplies and to help fund growth projects! Thank you!

This kit contains enough fabric and supplies to make one zipper pouch.

Following the video tutorial below  will use kit components 1-3. Keep the following in mind when following the tutorial:

  • You will need to install the zipper foot on the machine (foot E). This is located in the top of the Janome HD3000 machines.
  • Pieces in the kit are different dimensions than the video. Just start by trimming both your interior and exterior pouch fabrics to be the same length as your zipper and then all the directions will be the same.
  • In the tutorial, they use sewing clips instead of pins in some places and we have those! Head over to the shelving unit and locate them in the Sewing Clips bin.

Kit components 4-5 are not needed for this tutorial but are used to make your zipper pouch extra professional in our Learn to Sew: Zipper Pouch workshop. The kit includes two colors so you can choose which two tabs you want to use in class or to make your next pouch after class!

We can’t wait to see your finished pouches! Please make sure to tag us on Instagram at @ace_makerspace or post your projects in the #textiles Slack channel.

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