Troubleshooting Table Saw Power

If you’re having trouble getting the table saw to power up, the first thing to do is make sure power is configured correctly.

Check the yellow power box and sure that:

  • The vacuum is plugged into the vacuum power port.
  • The table saw is plugged into the tool power port.
  • Each of the pig tails from the yellow box are plugged into separate red reels.
  • The white switch on yellow boxes should be set to “Auto” (pushed all the way towards the power tool storage wall).

If this is correct, check all of the local breakers:

  • Has the black button on the yellow power box popped out?
    • If so, push it back in.
  • Are the red LEDs lit on both of the red reels?
    • If not, use a broom handle to push back in the black button(s).

If the saw still won’t power on, check the breaker panel over by the hand-held sanding station for any tripped breakers.

If you’ve done all this, and the saw still won’t power on, then you may test it by plugging the saw directly into a red reel or other mains power supply. The saw powering on will indicate that one of the intervening power devices is faulty. The saw failing to start will indicate a problem with the saw itself. Please report either of these results on the workshop slack channel.

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