June 21 2022 Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes






  • Workshop with Tammy Johnson (45min)
  • Approval of the Minutes from April 19 (1min)
  • Sustainability and Leadership
    • Thresholds for recruiting, creative ideas
  • Community Benefit Programs

Shoutouts and Highlights!

(and a Little Rain)

  • Still not at the point where we are breaking even, we will not make a profit for the year, expected to be under for the rest of the year.
  • Need 35 more paying members (goal 185 total). Estimate 5 months until we hit this goal.

Old Items

  • We want to plan a staff party – ideas are escape room, cooking class, getting an event hosted by another org.
  • Accommodations statement
  • Looking to improve signup process for people to get automatic signup during tours/workshops.

New Items

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