Jun 2015 Board Election

== Candidates for the Board for July 23, 2015 Election – 3 seats ==


*[[User:bhanna|Ben Hanna]]
*[[User:Crafty.avenger|Crafty Rachel]]
*[[User:Peg_Leg_Pete|Will Bauer]]
*Hep Svadja
*[[User:Captainron|John Burnham]]

The [[Board|AMT Board]] consists of 5 members who serve for one year. Three of the seats are up for election in June 2015: Drew Dibble, Steve Sidle, and Atom Bomb. The other 2 seats will be up for election in six months, next December. Because I didn’t start early enough, this year’s June elections will be held on July 23rd instead.

== Process ==

The nomination process takes place between now and July 12. Candidates can announce their candidacy any time up to July 12 at 7:30 PM. Feel free to nominate yourself. No robots, or humans with more than 49% robot content, may be nominated. To get on the ballot, edit this page to put your name in the Candidates heading above. I recommend you link to your user page on this wiki (like this: [[User:Rachel|Rachel McConnell]]) and put some stuff there about why you should be elected or what you think AMT should be, or whatever you like, really.

To be eligible to vote, you must be a full member (not provisional member) of Ace Monster Toys in good standing (paid dues recently) as of July 12, 2015. For the second time, the election will take place via [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/ an online voting system written and maintained by Cornell University]. (Feel free to play around with it if you like.) All full members in good standing will be emailed a link to vote with on the evening of the 12th. The online poll will close on July 23, at 7:30 PM. Alert readers will notice that this is the date and time of a general meeting. At this meeting the president will examine the results and announce them immediately to those attending, and email them to the discussion list. If any of the nominees are not in attendance we’ll try to give them a call, but will at least email that they were elected.

Finally, I’ll update the wiki page with the new directors.

== History ==

In previous years we used paper ballots and all voters had to attend the meeting in person to vote, as described in [http://wiki.acemonstertoys.org/Category:Board_Elections the pages for all the past elections]. It was often difficult to get quorum, as many members can’t attend Thursday meetings, and others don’t feel strongly about Ace’s governance and choose not to come. It is my hope that an online poll, open for a week, will allow all full members to participate by making the bar to vote a lot lower.

== Condorcet Voting ==

We’re going to use a Condorcet voting process. Everyone gets to rank the available candidates from 1 to 10 (or however many there are), then some complicated algorithm determines the result that everyone hates least (aka most fair). Rank each candidate by how much you like them, lowest number is best (so if there are 12 candidates, and you liked Bob the best, you’d write 1 next to him). The [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/ Cornell site] has a lot more detail on Condorcet voting, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condorcet_method as does Wikipedia].

=== Sample Vote ===

Given the following 6 candidates:


Your favorite is Bill, so you put a 1 next to him, then you go down, putting a 6 next to your least favorite, Jimmy.

*Bob 3
*Jackie 4
*Sally 2
*Bill 1
*Jimmy 6
*Carol 5

All of the voters’ preferences are taken into account in the calculated results, so it’s possible that a candidate with a lot of second place votes will win over a candidate with some first place and some last place votes. "Least Hated" is the goal.

== Results ==

Our new directors are

*"Crafty" Rachel Sadd
*Ben Hanna
*John Burnham

full results are listed at http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_e356dcc937ece641


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