How to Wax Tools

This guide covers the Jet Band Saw, Jointer, Planer]”’

Materials: Johnson Paste Wax located in the flammables cabinet.

Required Permission: Must be certified to use the tool you are waxing.

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  • Unplug tool
  • Clean all exposed cast iron or steel surfaces with steel wool. Do not scrub aluminum parts.
  • Apply wax to the cheap paper towel.
  • Wipe towel on all flat metal surfaces. Ensure exposed metal is completely covered
  • Wait ”’10”’ minute.
  • Buff all waxed surfaces with a clean paper towel. Repeat until no longer sticky/tacky.
  • Repeat as needed to ensure complete coverage
  • Not any burrs or other damage on the surface that may cause projects to catch to Steward.
  • Dispose of all paper towels and excess wax in appropriate containers.

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