Fileserver v2


Out of date

= AMT131 =

Status: {{#amtasset:AMT131}}

= New file server 4/11/2017 =

*WD Mycloud 4TB
*Currently it’s on the table upstairs in the area with the key fobs and printer.  Probably should be in a closet.
*On AMT network as hostname “file”.


== How do I access files? ==


Any modern computer will see it as a shared drive.

If it doesn’t appear as a shared network drive in your file browser, you can follow these steps:

*File access instructions for mac: [] []
*File access instructions for windows: []
*The fileserver address is smb://file.local


== Users and Permissions ==

Although we can configure users, we don’t.  Everything is kept in the Public share and we have not created users. This is the same wild-west layout of the current file server. It is also the easiest to maintain. If there is a need for a restricted-access share, it can be done through the web administration interface.

== ==

== Web Administration Interface: ==

[http://file.local http://file.local] username: admin password:  XXXXX (see Crafty)

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