Electronics Workstations

There are three electronics workstations

Each workstation has a selection of tools in a tool trug and a soldering station.

The pictures for each workstation show the ”ground state”, that is, the state things should be left in when you are finished.

Reserving A Workstation

Workstations cannot be formally reserved. If you leave a project on a workstation without leaving a ”Project Slip” and following the directions thereupon, you might find your project divided among the parts bins or in the scrap box.

See Storage for more information on why this is.

Workstation One

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Workstation Two

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Workstation Three

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Workstation Four

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  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Analog oscilloscope
  • DC power supply
  • Microscope

General Electronics Tools

A selection of multimeters and other tools can be found on the shelves to the left of Workstation One. Please put them back when finished.

Parts Bins

Some parts can be found in the parts bins on the wall behind Workstation One and Workstation Two. These parts are intended for use, but please try to contribute to the bins if you draw from them.


Consumables (such as solder, flux, and wicking) might be found in the Parts Bins but people are generally expected to provide their own.

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