Electronics Steward

Any electronics program is complex with a lot of moving parts. Leading this program takes more than just a steward. It takes a team. This team is made of members including Monster Corps folks. The leadership of that team can be taken on in 30, 60 or 90 day increments.

Current Steward or Team: Evan A. (pro-tem)

Role descriptions are customized to suit the person/team volunteering. Learn more about the stewardship program at AMT.


Team Captain

  • The leadership of that team can be taken on in 30, 60 or 90 day increments.
  • Holds the vision and communicates regularly with the rest of the team
  • Ensures that the maintenance schedule is accurate and communicated
  • Partners with the Monster Corps coordinator to schedule maintenance
  • Keeps the team on track
  • Organizes technical training
  • Tracks spending in budget
  • 1 hour per week + 1 meeting a month (slack or virtual okay)

Electronics Team Member

  • Works with the team to maintain the electronics area and tools
  • Supports the program including documentation and education
  • 2 hour per month (assumes 3 or more team members) + 1 meeting (slack or virtual okay)

Team Responsibilities

  • Keep the electronics area in good repair
  • Communicate to the membership about equipment repair status
  • Provide access to basic information for using the tools and space
  • Completes wiki posts and asset documentation
  • Purchases consumables, especially wire, headers, and solder as needed, and in budget
  • Encourages the development of classes, and events that forward the AMT mission with electronics
  • Hosts events and classes to further electronics education
  • Manages the donations that come in, including selling off any surplus goods.
  • Keeps the area orderly and well labeled for accessibility

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