CNC Router Early Adopter Agreements

This post covers an element of our program development process when we got a new CNC Router and needed a new program to support it.

Sign up for being an Early Adopter

  • There is only space for max. 12 people. Once there are no more spots we will close the form.
    • Priority goes to those who have shown up for the program and install in the past as is reasonable.
  • We want a good mix of diverse users if possible.
  • Be willing to coordinate with the other Early Adopters as we have very specific territory we want to cover at the training by the manufacturer.
  • Fill out this application form. You will be formally notified of acceptance.


When we got the new router key questions came up on how we would develop a new certification and support program, who would get access right away and how those two things were connected. Here is where we landed! This information is the key to getting early access to the router.

Q: How will we qualify them for access?

Decision: Currently, we will identify who can qualify other early adopters at the manufacturer training. Josh L. will be making the final call.


Q: What kind of access will they have?

Decision: Josh L. will determine who has independent access and who needs to work in teams at the beginning. 


Q: What is the scale of the commitment they need to make to get that access?

Decision: Folks must make and fulfill at least one of the following commitments:

  • Contribute on Team CNC Router for 4 months. This is a 8 hour + 1 meeting per month commitment
  • Be on a training team and or agree to provide mentorship support for a minimum of 8 hours per month. This really comes to 2-3 sessions a month.
  • Commit to making a significant contribution to program development including writing curriculum, making videos, making wiki documentation, etc. This may involve showing up to regular collaborative 3-hour work sessions at the beginning.

A formal commitment must be made BEFORE access is granted. It can be switched later if need be.

Q: When will that access start?

Decision: After training by FS and formal green light with Josh and a formal commitment is made.


Q: Who will we make the offer to?

Decision: For the very first set, those who

  • Attends the manufacturers training on October 8th from 11am to 4pm – limited seating!!
  • Are previously certified
  • Can show the team/Josh they can safely cut a thing on the new machine



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