Buying Workshop Materials

Ace has a bunch of ways to buy materials for workshops. We use local vendors when possible and practical. There are two methods for purchasing workshop materials and both require that all receipts are turned in.  This post covers purchasing materials but not budgeting, planning or reporting. Those topics are covered in other posts.

For folks who frequently purchase materials for ACE we will set you up with the following:

  • An official ACE email account
  • An Expensify Account for reporting
  • An Expensify Visa with set limits
  • Training on Reporting
  • An Amazon Team Member Account

For folks who are doing first-time purchasing or one-time purchasing, work with your point person (likely Crafty) to get the purchasing you need to be done. If it involves Ace folks shopping for you please provide:

  • Link to the product
  • Quantity of the product
  • Date the materials are needed

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