General Do’s and Do Nots

  • Clean up after yourself and then some
  • No sleeping
  • Drugs, Don’t do them…in the space
  • Notify the members for comment before the public when establishing a new event
  • Sorry, no tool borrowing

The membership agreement

As a member, I agree to respect the rights of others.

I understand that Ace Monster Toys is a community and use of Ace Monster Toys facilities constitutes participation in that community. I agree that assault, hate speech or any generally offensive or oppressive behavior that makes other members and/or guests feel unwelcome in the community shall not be tolerated.

I agree to observe the rules established by the membership and officers and I understand that those rules have been established so that Ace Monster Toys can function legally, independently and safely.

I hereby certify that I will not be a jerk while at or around Ace Monster Toys or at any Ace Monster Toys related event.


… the practical application comes down to transparency and respect.


Respect yourself

  • Wear safety gear
  • Operate tools only when sober
  • Eat and drink when needed
  • Don’t make angry
  • Don’t expect to be perfect mistakes are okay here

Respect others

    • Sharing is hard
    • Speak respectfully even when bothered
    • State your boundaries clearly and respectfully

Respect the space

  • Plan on time to clean up after yourself
  • Leave the space a little better than you found it
  • Observe the etiquette for each space


Say what you are going to do, do what you say,
and when it changes say that too!

Let the rest of us know what happened! Using the reporting systems along with notes on equipment is the way to go!

The leadership has a commitment to transparency as well including:

  • Read-only access to the books
  • AMT 360º Series on the Blog
  • Open Process for Budgets


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