AMT170 Wilton drill press cross vice

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Either lives in grey bin beside drill press with allen keys for adjustment, or likely is already bolted to the drill press table. There is a plywood worktable clamped into the vise. Please avoid drilling through the plywood and into the vise itself.

Must be bolted down for use.

Use the cross slide only to move the workpiece into position BEFORE the drilling operation.


Do NOT use this for milling operations. The bearings in the drill press are not designed for axial loads. Please use the CNC mill for milling operations.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Vacuum the dust off. Brush away the chips from the ways and feed screws. Lightly lubricate the feedscrews with a thin coat of grease or way oil. Lightly oil the ways with way oil.

The cross slide vise is heavy and may be greasy.


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