There are recycling and trash bins in each room. Recycle responsibly.

  • Trash can be taken out to the dumpsters in the loading dock.
  • Recycling goes in the grey recycling bin.
  • Trash and recycling do NOT include your CONSTRUCTION waste.
  • You must pack out your construction waste. Contractor bags have been provided.
  • We will not hold materials identified as waste for members. If you want to salvage things be part of the clean up. Do not just take what you want and not leave it better than you found it.
  • About Sawdust Removal
  • Waste materials are things like the leftover board you laser-cut something out of. We don’t want your waste materials. If you leave your waste materials here, we have to pay somebody to clean up after you. No bueno. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WASTE MATERIALS HERE. Example: you bring in a sheet of plywood and laser half of it. You want to leave the other half for general use. Cut off the waste board and take it or throw it away. Leave only the good stuff in the multi-purpose bins

Expect to pack out the following:

  • Large construction waste (dimensionally)
  • Large volumes of stuff

Things okay to put in the dumpster (in the loading dock):

  • The tall kitchen trash bags from any of the rooms.
  • Small broken down bags of scrap (small like ½ of a contractor bag or less)


Trash bags can be found:

  • In dispensers in each room
  • In the grey cleaning supplies cabinet in storage

Janitorial Services

  • A paid janitor comes in
    1x per month
  • They only clean the basics
  • Expect AMT to be closed whenever they are here.

More information on where we keep cleaning supplies.

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