Team Laser Meeting Notes 9/28/22

September 28, 2022

Laser Team Meeting


David, Miriam, Josh, Crafty



New user shenanigans

Not cleaning honeycomb

Too much power


Tell them to use less power when cutting


Tips Of The Month


DO not set speed to 1,000 on cut mode (this will not help saving time or money)


There’s the idea that if the software will let them do it, it’s OK to do


In-space easter eggs have any value? How do we get this across to people?


Formalize the “settings from scratch” lab into something more?


Maybe play Big Brother and call out people who don’t clean up?

“For the next 2 weeks, we’re going to check the feed everyday. Anyone who doesn’t clean up gets their cert pulled, and has to take a maintenance class”


What should they learn in Maintenance class?

User cleaning + rails + filter box


Practice Projects

Need to more thoroughly complete the things


Slate project needs some work with engraving the map – map may not be a closed object

(David to update)


Build an actual clock so people understand it (Miriam)



Power settings page has been replaced


Access Point Update

Hal’s been out of town for 2 weeks, just got back, possibly another 2 weeks until we see results

Evan hopes to get trained up on Hal’s stuff later


Folding Chairs?

David wants to steal 2 more chairs.

Nope – let’s just have Laser buy 4 new chairs.


Computer Update

Need to create a new laser user every month.

David to do after monthly Laser Meeting


Framed Art

Spacers need to be put in the sides

Need to find mechanism for hanging

Frame too thin: Get CA glue and glue it together, then hang it.


Confirm Class Bookings

David every other Tuesday

Miriam first Saturdays


Holiday Events

Laser cut holiday cards November 12th

Need to pull together some kind of plan as to what/how/where

Make it an Art Class, not a Laser Class

Pre-publish a menu of options before class

Add post-laser embellishment

Ornament class? December sometime.

Add the class, then if no-one shows up, we can just hang out and make ornaments

December 10th for Ornament class

Need to prep for this with arty party mid-November


Rotary Tool

Pint glasses have arrived!

Set it all up, charge $12 a pint glass to get your design

Need menu of designs to put on the glasses

Let’s prototype the tool!

Need to figure out how to get glasses in the chuck

Let’s try and do some work on this in October

Then we can put the certification class together.

Miriam & David to work on that this month (possibly 10/14)


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