Raspberry Pi

== Overview ==
The AMT Raspbi runs our webcam in the space.

=== Shell scripts ===
* /root

** /root/autoprivacy.sh
Script to loop run ‘privacy_button.sh’, which is a shell script that tests the red button connected to the Pi, and if it is pressed, sends a
http-request to Dave’s server (somewhere on davr.org) to shut off the webcam for AFAIR 30min. Unknown whether still working/in use.

** /root/autowebcam.sh
Shell script that calls ‘webcam’ in a loop. Some simple sed magic alternates between /dev/video0 and /dev/video1, supposedly because the webcam comes up randomly as either one on the Pi? Dave?

* /home/pi

** /home/pi/autotemp.sh
Script to loop run ‘/home/tmp/temp.py’. Supposedly shielding against ‘temp.py’ crashing?

** /home/pi/temp.py
Does temperature readings and encode them into HTTP request to davr.org. Repeats the reading. Is being run as root.

* /etc
** ””’/etc/rc.local””’
””’The main start script””’ that starts all the other scripts, for the webam, the temperature reading, the privacy button, the sign bot and the DHCP scanner. All these ‘daemons’/services are being run as root.

One can attach to the screen sessions with ‘screen -r ‘, as root. Just ‘screen -r’ should list the sessions. The sessions are named with their respective purpose.

It looks like the privacy button script is disabled at the moment.

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