IT/Network Steward

IT at AMT is defined as the networks, computers (including apps), peripherals, and camera systems at AMT. There is some cross over with the access systems (FATT).  Things like the website, wiki, and AMT Grand Central are defined as AMT Software.

Current Steward: open

Role descriptions are customized to suit the person volunteering. Learn more about the stewardship program at AMT.


  • To keep the network and associated equipment in a well-functioning state
  • To keep good documentation on the network
  • To communicate with the membership about status and provide access to basic information for using the network tools and space.
  • To provide leadership and training to Monster Corps members in order to support and maintain equipment/document
  • To be the chief decider on what systems are built/bought to support AMT needs
  • This is an 8 hour a month minimum with a 60-day, 90-day, or ongoing commitment
  • This role could be taken on by a team


TBD – Need to be written


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