AMT244 Jet Air Filter System

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Make/Model: Jet AFS-1000B

Documentation: Manual for Jet AFS-1000B on 

The purpose is NOT DUST COLLECTION – that is the vacuum’s job, but rather to improve the air quality in the room. So we still need to use all the other systems and clean up well.

These scrubbers work with remotes and are on timers…. so you can keep cleaning the air even after you leave! Turn the machine on via the remote, then hit timer – it will go for 2, 4, or 8 hours after that.  The level sets the overall speed — at high it should take around 4 minutes to process all the air in the room.

Workshop Front Room: Asset AMT244. This JET AFS1000B filter can really scrub the air.  The remote is by the door where the trash bags are shown in the picture above

Workshop Back Room: Asset AMT243 and is a JET AFS1000B filter. There is a remote zip-tied to the conduit above the cyclone as shown in the picture.


Extra Filter Storage:

Top shelf on the left in the Workshop supply closet.

filters on shelf

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