Instructor Resources

This page is a general list of Instructor resources. The resources listed here are available to ACE volunteer and contract instructors. 

AMT332 HP Chromebook

January 28, 2022

How to use this chrome book The intention of this Chromebook is to be a convenient tool for instructors, teaching assistants, and volunteers. It is set up with accounts and shortcuts for checking people into events (vax verifications), updating the wiki, and just helping people sign up. It is okay… Read more

Buying Workshop Materials

November 29, 2021

Ace has a bunch of ways to buy materials for workshops. We use local vendors when possible and practical. There are two methods for purchasing workshop materials and both require that all receipts are turned in.  This post covers purchasing materials but not budgeting, planning or reporting. Those topics are… Read more

Calendly For Test Instructors

April 12, 2021

There is a Calendly Account Set up for Instructors. This tool will allow folks to book time with instructors but does not collect money. Each Instructor has their own event type but does share the account credentials and the google account that controls it. To add or change the times… Read more

Checklist for Running a Workshop

May 9, 2021

Hello, This is the checklist for instructors and hosts of on-site events at Ace. While not all things are required they are highly encouraged as we are in an old confusing building and it is easy for people to get lost. They then have a negative experience. Post the event… Read more

Communication for Community Management

July 5, 2022

Best practices for teams and stewards An effective communication strategy will establish and support the etiquette that makes your program accessible… social engineering for good. Rinse. Repeat. In order to establish anything as the “norm” it will have to be repeated a minimum of 8 times to any audience, in… Read more

Eventbrite and Ace Makerspace

September 4, 2020

We switched back to as we got a better response despite the platform flaws. Out of date In Sept. 2020 we switched from for classes to Eventbrite. During this process, any event set-up in the Ace Makerspace Organization does one-time sync on publishing with the Ace Google Calendar.… Read more

How to charge ad-hoc class fees

November 29, 2021

You can charge class fees using a special “name your own price” product set up on the ACE main website. Drop-In Class Fees   Please only use this when needed for last min. needs. For regular or planned classes we process class fees via the platform. We do not… Read more

How to Check People In for Events and Classes

April 8, 2022

There are two types of visitors. Those who are here for Tours or the New Member Workshop and folks who will be using tools. The checkin’ is different for each as we don’t require a waiver for the tour or New Member Workshop. Everybody else must have a waiver. There… Read more

How to design a class or lab

April 17, 2021

Ace Best Practices Ace strives to embed diversity, inclusion, and equity in all we do, including designing workshops, classes, and events. Org sponsored offerings use the following structure: Access-based Education – Competency and certification classes, certification testing for the experienced users. This is required education that gates access to tools.… Read more

How to get and process mail and packages

July 14, 2019

Policy ACE members, leaders, and volunteers can have things FOR ACE shipped here, with approval from Officers, Staff and Leadership Team Members. See details below for doing this. ACE Members can ONLY have things shipped here if they will be on-site at the time of delivery to receive it. ACE… Read more

How to host a class or lab

July 14, 2019

About Developing Content We have a Google Doc template for developing our educational offering. You can see an Example Here. Request access to the google doc templates from [email protected] In all our classes we have an inclusion first approach. Please consider who this workshop is for and what would be… Read more

How to request a RSVP class fee refund

July 24, 2019

Ace Makerspace Class/Event Refund Policy Effective: October 2019 It is Ace Makerspace’s policy to offer refunds only in extraordinary circumstances or if we cancel the class/event. Refunds are not offered to participants who cancel their RSVP or withdraw from a class; please only sign-up for a class if you can… Read more

How to request access to Ace Plaforms

June 19, 2022

Need an Ace admin to get you access to a platform like Grand Central, Azure, or a personal Wiki account? There are two ways you can request access. If possible please give at least 24-48 (T-Sa) hours to process the request. If you have asana access If you have asana… Read more

How to see Eventbrite RSVP responses

March 15, 2021

Out of date. We switched back to as it got better responses. We ask custom questions of folks coming to our events. To see those responses do this: Go to your Event Dashboard. Select “Reports”. Select the “Custom questions responses” report type. Customize your report. Choose a file type and… Read more

How to take drop in fees and donations with Square

June 10, 2022

We have a Square Reader. It is connected to the Ace Account! You use it with your phone or a tablet to take sliding scale or “by donation” event fees for Ace Makerspace. It is located in the Operation Resource Center in Coworking/Textiles. Please return it to the charger when… Read more

How to use the Class Development Template

March 29, 2022

ACE uses a google doc for class development. All class development documents link to a spreadsheet that includes a calculator we developed. The tables from the spreadsheet are then embedded in individual class development documents. Template Format Instructions – These are instructions on how to use the template. Workshop Type… Read more

Instructor Invoicing

November 29, 2021

If you are a contract instructor with ACE you will have an official Independent Contractor Agreement and payment schedules agree to and sign. This Agreement details how to get paid, but here is a summary: You invoice us within 30 days of providing services and we pay you We use… Read more

Instructor Support

July 20, 2019

AMT provides instructor support as part of its infrastructure. If you choose to teach a class, lead a workshop or provide regular lab hours AMT will handle promotion for you. All instructors can do their own promotion of course if they choose 😉 Program/curriculum development Administrative support Class Promotion Your… Read more

Teaching Assistance General Training Checklist

April 6, 2022

This outline is used by a Trainer to teach a new Teaching Assistant/Helper (TAs) Ace Basics. TA’s often are also bringing domain subject expertise to the party as well and this is not covered in this training. Teaching Assistants/Helpers are a vital part of ACE meeting its mission, retaining instructors… Read more

Zoom for instructors and leaders

September 4, 2020

We have a discount package purchased through TechSoup that allows us to create up to 9 full zoom accounts for $78 instead of full retail. The zoom discount has to be renewed annually (in Sept.) for $65. These discounted accounts are for org use and allocated for leaders, instructors, and… Read more