Honor Bar

Ace has a store where members can buy things on the website and pick them up in suite 206 above the honor bar. The other honor bar is in Clean Fab.

To buy goodies, put money in the jar. If you are a member, fill out an IOU Slip and put that in the jar (then pay your bills)

Bills are emailed approximately once per month and are due 15 days after they are sent.

AMT361 Honor Bar Kiosk

Documentation coming once the device goes live Make/Model: Documentation/Manual: Additional Information: Read more

Honor Bar purchasing

To be most efficient, purchases are organized as a once-a-month buying trip. Check levels according to the list below to make sure we don’t have… Read more

How to process Honor Bar bills

Cash and IOU collection – Support Associate or MonsterCorps Collect the cash and paper IOU from both honor bars. Neatly count the cash. Place the… Read more

Managing Honor Bar

The bars are managed by the Operations Manager and supported by staff, Monster Corps, and members. Here is the short list of what the job… Read more