Joinery and Joinery Tools

Ace Makerspace has a small collection of routers. We also have a large CNC Router with documentation in different wiki posts. 

What is joinery

Some happy statement about routers and what routers do. This is a placeholder text to show an idea. Help writing this would be great. A few little pictures would be nice too.

About Joinery [placeholder]

This would be all the details about the router cabinet, share collets and such. This is pace holder information as this page demonstrates and idea for pages.

AMT023 Sears craftsman Jointer

July 18, 2019

[[File:AMT023.jpg]] Read more

AMT077 Porter Biscuit Joiner

July 18, 2019

Make/Model: Porter Cable Model 556 Documentation: Manual General Information What is a biscuit joiner? A biscuit joiner or biscuit jointer (or sometimes plate joiner) is a woodworking tool used to join two pieces… Read more

AMT080 Jet 6″ Long Bed Jointer

July 18, 2019

Table of Contents Jointer Basic RulesTipsAMT Certification CourseWhat Does a Jointer Do?Jointer AdjustmentsJointer AccessoriesCommon TechniquesMaking a Flat FaceMaking a Perpendicular or Beveled EdgeDust CollectionJointer SafetyKickbackDestroying… Read more

AMT264 Pocket-Hole Jig

November 8, 2019

Documentation:  Manual: K5Manual Model: K5 Location: Look in the workshop supply closet on the top shelf Logs Read more