AMT @ The Library

Ace Monster Toys Makerspace brings free tabletop workshop to the Golden Gate Branch of the Oakland Public Library. They are the neighborhood library branch. These workshops are every 3rd Saturday of the month. This program is supported by AMT donations and members as well as general volunteers. 

Folks who are not AMT Members should contact [email protected] for more detailed information about locations training, and more. 

This program is supported by:

Library Program Coordinator – Organizes the events, calenders, purchasing and staff. This is the point person and vision holder for the program. Learn More here.

Preparation Contributors – These folks maintain the supplies and equipment and complete various fabrication needs for specific workshops. They often make samples and take photos as well. This works best with 2-4 contibutors a month. This 2-3 hour activity can be done once or more times. Sign up here!

Event Staff – These folks set up and staff the event and help patrons at workshops. Each workshop takes a minimum of two people to staff. This is the 3rd satruday of the month from 11:30 to 2:30pm. This can be a one time or ongoing contribution. Sign up here!

Past workshops include:

  • Learn to solder
  • Paper Circuits
  • Leatherworking
  • Programable LED Costume Props
  • Hand stitched leather wallets
  • Light up Holiday Cards
  • Painted Leather Bracelets
  • Solar Charging Reading Light
  • LED Infinity Art
  • Sew Rainbow Plushies
  • Bristle Bots
  • Rainbow Oakland Tree Jewelry

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