Storage at AMT

Steward: Open

This stewardship requires about 2 hours per week of leadership and activities.
Exceptions are as determined by the Board, Executive Director or Steward; non-members may not leave things at AMT.

The Two Types of Storage at AMT

There are two types of storage at AMT; Rented storage and Basic Member storage. Each area has its own rules and parameters. ALL items at AMT must be tagged with the relevant tag. See How Tags Work below.

Rented Storage Areas and Policies

Members can rent storage at AMT for the life of their membership.

Lockers in Coworking

coworking white lockers

There are large white lockers in Suite 206/coworking that can be rented in the AMT Store. You will need to provide your own lock.  Learn more here.

Lockers in #113

Rentable red lockers Rentable blue lockers

There are school style lockers that can be rented in the storage area. You will need to provide your own lock. Learn more here. 

Sheet Goods Storage in the Shop

workshop sheet goods storage

There are two bays available for rent in the sheet good rack. They are the two farthest to the right. Learn more here.

Important! Flammables may not be stored in any rented area at AMT! Please use the flammables cabinet in the shops.

Basic Member Storage Areas and Policies


  • The set of bins shown below are for members use
  • All goods must fit in the bin
  • One bin per member
  • Members may not take bins home
  • All bins must be tagged

coworking storage bins

Clean Fab

  • The bins in the far left section of the shelving unit shown below
  • All goods must fit in a bin with the lids
  • One bin per member
  • Member may not take bins home
  • All bins must be tagged

Clean Fab Basic Member storage


Sheet goods

  • Sheet goods storage is in the 4 left-hand slots of the rack shown below
  • Your goods may not have nails and other hardware poking out
  • All goods must fit all the way in the rack, excessive poking out is not okay.
  • All goods must be tagged
  • Untagged goods are considered fair use for everyone

workshop sheet goods storage

Boards and dimensional lumber

  • Scrappy the horizontal lumber rack shown below is for dimensional lumber storage. Boards must be big enough to fit in between the supports. Piles of small bits of wood are NOT safe to store here.
  • Other goods must be able to stack on top
  • NO small stacks of project wood bundled up with boards. Yes, this means your project may end up stored in two locations.
  • Your goods may not have nails and other hardware poking out
  • All goods must fit all the way in the rack, excessive poking out is not okay
  • All goods must be tagged
  • Untagged goods are considered fair use for everyone

horizontal lumber stoarge aka scrappy

Small Projects

  • The shelving shown is for small project storage… all those little bits that are not suitable for storage in scrappy or basic member storage in 113
  • Use the bins provided if needed to keep space neat
  • Do not take bins home
  • All goods must be tagged
  • Untagged goods are considered fair use for everyone

workshop project storage shelves

Scrap Bins

  • There is a rolling scrap bin.
  • All scrap is considered fair use for everyone
  • Don’t throw your trash in there
  • No waste board

wood scrap bin

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

There is room for PPE on the shelves behind the door in the shop. Each member can have one bin for the length of their active membership. All bins must be clearly labeled and have lids. AMT supplies some bins.

With the advent of Covid-19 we no longer offer free disposable PPE. You will be able to purchase PPE at cost if you don’t bring it. Personal PPE bins are also no longer available for storage.

Some sharable PPD is available like face shields as it can be sanitized easily before and after use.


This section is pending update.

  • Shelves and pile show are the current storage area for metal.
  • All goods must be tagged
  • Untagged goods are considered fair use for everyone

113 Storage

The shelves to the left of the lockers in #113 are considered basic member storage.

  • One AMT provided bin per member
  • All good must fit in your bin with the lid closed
  • No exceptions
  • Do not take bins home
  • All bins must be tagged

113 storage bins

Project Storage

The shelves to the left of the lockers in #113 part of a new experiment in member project storage. We are currently working with members to co-develop this idea. Storage in this area will be be included in your membership and done by request. Ideal for projects with a start and a stop – up to 90 days-ish. Projects need to be able to neatly fit in one section of the shelving and be approved by an officer and be clearly labeled.

Contact one of the officers to discuss your project storage needs and get approval before using this option.


The shelves to the left of the laser shown below are basic member storage

  • No waste board especially in the bottom (see photo below)
  • All goods must be tagged
  • All goods must fit without spilling or poking out excessively

laser waste product
DON’T LEAVE YOUR TRASH. This is trash.


There is bike storage in the back room of suite #113 shown below

  • Day use only
  • No big trailers
  • Member and guest use okay

Bike Storage

How Tags Work

Basic Member Storage Tags (aka Blue Tags)

blue tag

All members can store their goods in the basic member storage areas described above if they tag their goods with a Blue Tag. Extra tags are on the blue and red lockers in storage.

  • Blue tags give the item 2 weeks of “life”  With Covid-19 we realize folks will need more time and we are extending blue tags for 3 weeks of “life”
  • If a member is not touching the item at least every two weeks to update the tag they need to take it home
  • Items will be Red Tagged if:
    • Blue Tag expires
    • The items are improperly stored
    • The items are not Blue Tagged

Abandoned items (aka Red Tags)

red tag

Red Tagged items are considered abandoned. Abandoned materials may be re-purposed, consumed or disposed of at the discretion of AMT.

  • When items are Red Tagged a two-week clock starts. At the end of the two weeks, AMT reserves the right to:
    • Absorbe the abandoned items
    • Dispose of the abandoned items
    • Give the abandoned times away
  • We will not call you. You have been notified of the policies and your goods are your responsibility.
  • Any member can red-tag an item that is not in a clearly marked general-purpose storage location.

If you as a member covet the Red-Tagged item you may call dibs on it by writing dips on the red tag and adding your contact info.

  • Stewards get first dibs
  • If you call dibs on the item you must come to take it after the expiration date. If you don’t take it AMT will deal with it as described above.
  • When calling dibs on something, you many not re-Blue Tag it and start the cycle over again.

Items left more than 30 days after the membership is canceled will be considered abandoned.

AMT Org Supplies (aka Green Tags)

green tag

Green tagged items are things that AMT uses for:

  • Internal Build Projects
  • Operational Functions
  • Program Support (aka, stuff for the Library Program, or steward tools)

Green tagged items are not available for general member use or consumption

Extra tags are stored on the red and blue lockers in a box. Please let the steward know if they are running low.


Lost and Found

We aren’t ruthless. We do have two places for lost and found items. One is a clearly marked tub on the lockers in #113 and the other is a small basket in Coworking. Lost and found items should be put there and posted on general as “found”.

Those bins/baskets are occasionally cleaned out.

coworking lost and found basket

Principles of Storage @ AMT

  • DO NOT AT ANY TIME PILE THINGS IN CORNERS or store them anywhere else besides designated storage areas
  • AMT is a shared space for working on projects
  • Space at AMT will always be scarce
  • AMT is not a storage locker. Storage lockers can be rented elsewhere in the general vicinity
  • Dues money paid to AMT is payment for access to equipment and tools, and maintenance and housing of same
  • Stewards have sole discretion as to reasonable use of their equipment/workstation (including any storage associated with it)
  • The Storage Czar has sole discretion as to storage in all areas not under a Steward
  • Notice should be given when AMT norms are violated before irrevocable action is taken
  • Long-term storage areas may be created by AMT for members who are willing to pay for them
  • There are no perfect solutions
  • Tools and goods for personal use may only be stored in the designated storage area or in personal lockers
  • AMT is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings
  • Waste materials are things like the leftover board you laser-cut something out of. We don’t want your waste materials. If you leave your waste materials here, we have to pay somebody to clean up after you. No bueno. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WASTE MATERIALS HERE. Example: you bring in a sheet of plywood and laser half of it. You want to leave the other half for general use. Cut off the waste board and take it or throw it away. Leave only the good stuff in the multi-purpose bin.
  • AMT is a place for active projects. That means you are touching your stuff at least every two weeks.

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