Metal Shop Priorities

Current Priorities

In order, as of Nov. 2021

Replace Big Scary Bandsaw

Looking into fixturing a portable bandsaw as a benchtop device.


  • Safer
  • Modern
  • Compact


  • Shallower depth / arm
  • Potentially less power for cutting

Consolidate toolboxes

In the process of acquiring a large, unifying toolbox for the 5 or so smaller tool storage containers + updating the dark blue toolbox

Re-purposing (R) or scrapping (S) the deprecated storage items including, but not limited to:

  • (R) Wood + acrylic AMT-logo cabinet
  • (S) cheap plastic 5-shelf
  • (R/S) under-cnc shelving
  • (R/S) milk crates on the tall shelf

Acquire sheet metal tools

Looking into obtaining various benchtop / standing tools such as brakes, shears, cutters, 90deg notcher, etc


  • Standing Shear
  • Standing Brake

Desired gauges +/-

  • 14 Gauge max for aluminum and copper alloys
  • 16 Gauge max for mild steel
  • 20 gauge max for stainless steel

Jewelry stuff

Something with copper? Input greatly appreciated

Triage Metal Lathe

Over the years of service our metal lathe has gotten worse? needs to be overhauled? Further investigation required.

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