Leadership Perks


AMT thinks that you rock for stepping up! You are entitled to some perks:

  • A free locker
  • A fabulous new AMT T-Shirt
  • 10 min. of free laser time a month/120 min. a year
  • Free classes – any of the core competency classes 1x for free:
    • Sewing 101 Bootcamp Laser 101
    • Any of the 101 Workshop Classe
    • CNC Router and CNC Milling Certification On-boarding and training
  • An onboarding mentor. They will help connect you with training or let you know when self-starting is required.
  • An online profile
  • Expense reporting account
  • A wiki account
  • Accessing Asana.com (shared credentials on the handshake page) Completing a draft of your role description
  • Specific Budget Information


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