Honor Bar

AMT has two honor bars, one in Coworking and the other in Clean Fab.

Buying Goodies

  • Put money in the jar
  • If you are a member, fill out an IOU Slip and put that in the jar (then pay your bills)
  • Bills are emailed approx. 1x per month and are due 15 days after they are sent.

Stocking the Bars

Use the stocking spreadsheet to inventory and stock the honor bars. Most products are stored in the supply closet in Laser. Paper towels are stored above the cabinet in the Metal/Storage room. Utensils are typically just stored in the drawers in Co-working (although overflow may be stored in the supply closet) so just take some from there when stocking the Clean Fab Honor Bar.

How to use the stocking spreadsheet:

    • Clear out the on-hand column.
    • Check the Honor Bar and write down the number of each product that is still there in the on-hand column.
    • Stock the number of that shows up in the “To Stock” column in the honor bar.
    • If there is not enough product, stock as much as possible and make a note of it, with the date of the stocking.
    • Also make notes if it looks like a product is running low.
    • Don’t be afraid to overwrite old notes. Changes are tracked.
  • PDF for printing
  • We should always have a nice little stack (at least 20).

The co-working honor bar should look like this when fully stocked:

The Clean Fab honor bar should look like this when fully stocked:

Managing the Bar

The bars are managed by the Hospitality Steward or officers and supported by Monster Corps and members.

Note: Whenever possible, products for the Honor Bar should be compostable!


  • Funds for purchasing inventory for the honor bar comes from the refreshment budget
  • Money collected from Honor Bar purchases goes back to this fund
  • Instructions are here for the process

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